The connected home is coming. With easy access to manage and sync devices and home systems, imagine how much easier life will be!

Smart Home Devices

If it’s electronic, it can connect!

What about your wireless printer, wireless speakers or GPS? Maybe even have a home monitoring system and cameras. Yup - connect all of those, too with Grande Internet.

The Future is Here!

The Internet of Things is changing the ways we live our everyday lives.

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Woman cooking in kitchen, watching cooking show.

More “Things” Everyday

The list of “things” that make up the Internet of Things continues to grow all the time and so does its conveniences. Get a text from your printer when it’s getting low, receive an email alert because the iron was left on, or get a recipe suggestion from the screen on your stove because it recognized the ingredients you put on the counter – with Grande Internet the possibilities are as big as your imagination.