What is Whole Home WiFi?

Looking for greater internet connection and reliability throughout your entire home? Grande’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi is a mesh network enables multiple routers (or eeros) to work as a team, resulting in improved range, speed, and stability of your WiFi network

While your modem remains in place, one or more eeros are added to your home to enable a “mesh network”, blanketing your home in pervasive internet speed, everywhere.

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The secret is in the mesh.

From day one, eero TrueMesh technology adapts to your usage and needs to maximize your connection. So you can get a reliable network throughout your home and outdoor space.


You don’t need to lift a finger. eero updates its security protocols automatically to protect your network from the latest threats.


The secret is in the mesh.

eero Pro 6

Enhanced speed throughput for homes
running Gigabit speeds of up to 940 Mbps!

Shape or size doesn’t matter

No matter if it’s an apartment, a townhome or a single family home, Grande’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi works no matter the shape or size. Customize or expand your WiFi by adding as many eeros as you need.

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Safe, secure control in the palm of your hand

Added protection for your network. See what’s happening – see your network speed, find out which devices are connected, and make sure your WiFi is working properly.

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eero mobile app

eero mobile app

Optimize Your WiFi

We want to make sure you’re absolutely thrilled with your high speed internet service, and a big part of that is maximizing your network’s performance. Many factors influence your home’s internet speeds. With smart home devices and internet browsing, sometimes it gets crowded on your wireless network.

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What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 (aka 802.11ax) is the next generation standard in WiFi technology. Now that our homes have more WiFi gadgets, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, and laptops as well as internet-connected thermostats, security cameras, and speakers, Wi-Fi 6 provides increased capacity and top notch performance in environments with many connected devices.

How does mesh WiFi work?

A mesh WiFi network has a greater range and is much faster and stronger than your normal WiFi network. The range of your mesh network can be extended simply by adding beacons. Each beacon in a mesh network is a device that not only sends and receives data but determines the best path by which to send it. The beacon in a mesh network can automatically reconfigure themselves, using multiple routes to find the most optimal path to the Internet. Shutting down one of the beacons in a mesh network won’t necessarily shut down the entire network, which means the mesh network is much stronger than the centralized architecture of the WiFi in your home today.

What’s the difference between a mesh network and a WiFi extender?

The main difference between a mesh network and a WiFi extender is that a mesh network is a WiFi system that uses multiple access points to provide your home with fast, reliable coverage all on a single network. Range or WiFi extenders can expand the reach of your existing wireless network. This enables you to access the Internet when you’re not close enough to your router to receive a good signal. While range extenders can be effective in increasing wireless range, they reduce throughput and create performance issues. Range extenders can cut bandwidth in half because they rely on a single wireless radio to both listen for and broadcast data. This results in a slower connection when you’re receiving a WiFi signal from your range extender and can also impact your connection speeds to your router.

What’s the difference between a mesh network and a WiFi extender?

What wireless internet speed is eero capable of?

eeros' max rated transmit speeds are about 240Mbps at 2.4 GHz and about 600Mbps at 5 GHz. Over a wired connection, the max throughput locally is 1Gbps. Maximum wireless speeds are also dependent on the capabilities of the client device.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are the maximum speeds we’ve seen with eero, but we like to think of WiFi speed more in terms of what you can do with it. eero uses the latest standards to make sure you’re getting the speed you pay for in every corner of every room. It’s that perfect combination of speed and coverage that’s going to let you work, stream, play, or download anywhere in your home.

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How do I set up eero?

To set up eero first download the eero app and create an account. Next, select your home-type to help guide eero placement. Then, follow the instructions to place eeros throughout your home. Finally, Connect devices to your new eero network.

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How much does eero cost per month?

eero costs start at $10.95 per month and includes 1 eero Pro and 1 eero Beacon. Additional eero Beacons are also available for $5.00 per month each.

How do I manage my home WiFi?

Take the Eero App Tour.