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Getting Started with TiVo® from Grande

Imagine having your TV shows, Internet videos, music and photos right there on your TV—whenever you want them! This PDF guide gives you quick start-up steps to start enjoying the TiVo® experience.

The TiVo Experience     TiVo Set-up Guide

Master the TiVo® Remote

One button to rule them all

Control your entire universe of entertainment with one button. With recording space galore, QuickMode™, unbelievable search power and streaming from Netflix built in.*


You can turn your iPad or mobile device into a remote control. Download the TiVo® App from the iTunes® AppStore or Android Marketplace to discover new content, view guides schedule recordings and get recommendations.

Master the TiVo Remote

Managing Your TiVo System

Combine all your favorite things

Live TV, Grande's On Demand, your DVR recordings, plus personalized recommendations, apps, and even Netflix, Hulu, HBO - all rolled into one.

Downloadable Guides

Whole Home TiVo Experience

Whole Home TiVo Experience

TiVo in Every Room

The Whole Home Bundle lets you extend the TiVo experience throughout your home - so you can easily stream, record, and share from any room!

Downloadable Guides

Whatever your streaming pleasure

TiVo + Streaming = Happiness!

TiVo searches listings for you - looking through everything. TV, Netflix, On Demand, simultaneously, so the search is always fast, simple and easy.