Standard Definition Cable Box Conversion


Upgrade your Standard Definition cable box to High Definition by July 31, 2018

At Grande, we are continually investing in new technology to ensure our customers are experiencing the best and most advanced services possible. We would like to upgrade your Standard Definition (SD) cable boxes to High Definition (HD) boxes at no additional cost to you through the end of the year*

What You Should Know

Several SD channels are also available in HD today. We will be upgrading these SD channels. If you have not upgraded your cable set-top boxes to HD, you will not be able to view these channels with your existing SD cable set-top box. You will still have these channels – they are not getting removed or changing to a different channel number. We are simply changing the delivery of these channels from SD to HD only.

What Actions You Need to Take

In order to upgrade your SD cable box to an HD cable box, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Validate if your set-top box is SD! For each cable set-top box that you have in your home or business, turn on the TV connected to that box. Now turn your TV to channel 800. If you can see the Grande logo on the screen, then this TV is connected to an HD box and no action is necessary. If you see a black screen with no logo on it, then you have an SD box that needs to be upgraded.
  2. Unplug each SD cable box where you saw a black screen when you tuned in to channel 800. Make sure you collect the cords and the remote controls.
  3. Take this equipment to your local retail center.
  4. Upgrade your existing SD cable box(es) to HD cable box(es) at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU through the end of the year*.
  5. Take the equipment home or business, plug it in, and enjoy your Grande digital TV service!

Be Sure to Act Before July 31, 2018.

After this date, we will have upgraded all duplicate channels that were available in both SD and HD, and converted them to HD only. This means that you will not be able to view these channels with your existing SD cable set-top box.