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  • I like everything in one place (Search all my platforms at once!)

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  • My voice is my command (It's easier to just say what I want)

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  • I want to take shows with me (What if I go somewhere with no WiFi?)

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  • I want recommendations (Based on what I actually like to watch)

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  • I want to watch whatever I want, where, when, and how I want. Period.

Let's Go!


  • I enjoy difficult searches (and my collection of 30 remotes)

  • I prefer flipping aimlessly (it counts as excercise for me)

  • I'd rather stare at the wall (besides I never go anywhere)

  • I only watch one show (ain't no way Storage Wars Iceland will be canceled)

  • If the console TV in the living room was good enough for Gramps, then I dare you to show me a better way!

Show Me

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Power your entertainment experience with Grande + TiVo. Watch the video to learn what's new, or scroll down to watch videos about specific features.

Whole Home Solution

Any screen, any room.

Watch from any room on any device and never fight over the remote again. With Grande + TiVo Whole Home Solution you can connect TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones so that everyone can watch what they want anytime.

Voice Remote

Say it, see it.

Find or discover your favorite shows as fast as you can say them out loud! With voice remote, your voice is our command. You can search across all your shows no matter if they are cable channels or streaming services, and you can instantly record a show or series.

Personalized Recommendations

TiVo gets to know you.

The SmartBar™ keeps getting smarter as you watch. It will display shows not just based on what you like, but also based on when you like to watch them.

Personal Recommendations

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