First Off... What is Streaming?

Instead of downloading a file to your computer or device, streaming allows for listening to music or watching video in “real time.” With internet videos and webcasts of live events, there is no file to download, just a continuous stream of data or content.

Live TV Streaming vs.
Traditional TV

  • Live TV streaming functions like traditional TV with live channels, guides, DVR function and more.
  • Both Traditional TV and Live Streaming TV air content live at a specific time on a specific channel.
  • WHEREAS... Live TV streaming services deliver entertainment over the internet.

Why choose live TV streaming?

If you love watching your shows live but wish you had more flexibility to view just your favorite content, then Live TV streaming is for you!

  • Enjoy the excitement of watching TV live.
  • Watch only the content you love.
  • Mix and match your live TV streaming services with traditional TV or a cable package.
  • Access hard-to-get local content.

Live TVvs.
On Demand

Live TV Streaming Services

  • Watch the latest show or games in real time
  • Enjoy genre specific content
  • Watch local TV in the moment
  • Subscription-based

On Demand Streaming Services

  • "On Demand" means no live TV streaming, just shows & movies on your schedule
  • These streaming services often offer original content
  • Subscription-based
How do I stream live TV?
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Speedy Internet

Grande offers high speed internet to get your stream on!

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Streaming Devices

Discover which streaming device best fits your home.

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Get Good WiFi

Enter the streamer’s dream with strong WiFi in every corner of your home.

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Streaming Services

Get started with streaming live TV by selecting the right service for you.

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