Understanding Streaming Devices

Whether you want to binge watch your favorite show or live stream tonight’s big game, now’s a great time to buy a media streaming device. But with so many options, where do you start? Check out this guide to understanding streaming devices.

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All-in-one Streaming DVR

TiVo’s come a long way and really packs an entertainment punch. This all-in-one DVR offers live TV, voice remote, access to Netflix, 4K capable, super smart searching machine.

Features You’ll Love:
  • Live, Record & Stream: Watch TV however you want to–live, recorded or stream.
  • Voice Remote: Say it. See it. Control your TV by talking.
  • SmartBar®: See what’s recommended to watch based on what YOU like.
  • 4K Ultra HD: When you want to watch a 4K show, TiVo is 4K-ready.
  • Multi-Room: Easily expands to any room in your house.
Type of Streaming Device: All-in-one streaming DVR

Record 6 shows at once, pause live TV, speed up a show with QuickMode, search across apps, recordings and live TV at the same time, watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube right on your TiVo (no switching inputs) and it’s Alexa compatible.

Stream-Worthy Internet

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