Speed Changes Everything

Break the Speed Barrier

With 1 GIG internet (up to 1000Mbps*), every person in your home can be doing something on every device – all at once and faster than ever!

*Experienced speeds may vary.

Upgrade to 1 GIG* Internet
for as little as

$ 20
more per month

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With 1 Gig, waiting is a thing of the past.

Seamless Connectivity
Seamless Connectivity

higher speeds for a better online experience.


high-quality, fast and smooth streaming

Online Gaming
Online Gaming

multiplayer gaming at reliably fast speeds

Connected Homes
Connected Homes

smart TVs, phones, tablets, lights, doorbells & gadgets

Why GettaGig?

The Wow of Now

Run tablets, laptops and mobile devices like a family of sprinters. Connect all your gadgets – smart TVs, tablets, thermostats, video cams and more. Game like never before or download whole seasons of your shows in no time. 1 Gig* offers a great internet speed for today’s home.

Call 1.866.2GRANDE
to get 1 GIG today!

1Gig Internet

What is Gig internet?

Watch our video on the history of Internet Speeds!


How fast is Gig internet?

At Grande we understand that one size does not fit all. View our Internet speeds to choose from. 

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Learn More About Gig internet

Check out our frequently asked questions regarding our 1 Gig Internet service.