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    Do I need to buy a special type of phone or other equipment?
    No, your current home phone will work with Grande Phone service.

    Will my fax machine work with Grande Phone service?
    Grande Phone service is compatible with most fax equipment brands. Make sure that your fax speed is set to the lowest level.

    Will my current answering machine work with Grande Phone service?
    Yes, your answering machine will work with our Phone service. If you currently have Grande Voicemail service set up, you will need to disable Grande Voicemail.

    Customers with access to the Online Phone Manager can disable voicemail through the online manager. If you do not have access to online phone manager please Contact Customer Service to disconnect voicemail service.

    Will my caller ID display work with Grande Phone service?
    Any Caller ID unit should work with our Phone service; make sure your Phone service includes the Caller ID feature.

    Does Grande Phone service offer Voicemail?
    Yes, Voicemail service is included with certain Phone packages and can be added as an option to most phone plans.

    How do I make long distance calls?
    Simply pick up the phone and dial 1 + the area code + the number you want to reach.

    Can I select my own phone number?
    Grande doesn't provide vanity numbers, however we do offer a selection of available numbers from which you may choose.

    Can I keep my current phone number?
    Yes, with Grande you can port your landline number over from most other providers within the same service

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