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April 27, 2014 — Waco residential customers of Grande Communications who have older Internet packages will receive significant speed upgrades May 13 at no additional charge. Current Grande customers with Internet service below 15 megabits per second will be automatically upgraded to Power 15 Mbps. Customers will receive instructions from Grande about the specific improvements to their packages and speed upgrades. Earlier this year, Grande rolled out updated Internet speed options for new customers across Texas markets, beginning at 15 Mbps for $34.99 a month, which includes equipment and requires no contract.

The new Internet speeds also are included in Grande’s Get-It-All bundles that allow customers to choose additional TV and phone service options starting at $79.99 a month, spokesman Casey Sherman said in a news release. Sherman also said Grande is launching a service that will give customers instant access to shows and movies on Netflix via TiVo. They will be able to directly access Netflix as a channel without connecting through a device, Sherman said. It is joining two other cable companies nationally — Atlantic Broadband and RCN — in providing the service.

By Mike Copeland, Tribune-Herald staff writer © 2014 BH Media Group Holdings, Inc