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SAN MARCOS, TX - FEBRUARY 10, 2014 — With Google Fiber on its way and Grande announcing their own Gigabit services, Austin residents will have a lot of options to choose from. Ever since the giants at Google announced that their ridiculously fast Google Fiber service was coming to Austin, the other service providers in town have been crawling all over themselves in an attempt to hold on to as many customers as they can. AT&T is already out the gate with their new Gigapower service.

They're currently offering download speeds of up to 300Mbps - with an upgraded speed of 1Gbps coming in the middle of the year - starting at $70 a month (and, yes, there are bundles available, too). That includes free installation and equipment and you donot have to have home phone service along with it. AT&T and Time Warner, the other major service provider in town, don't cover the entire Austin area. Folks right outside the city rely on services like Grande and Suddenlink for their TV and Internet services. Customers living in Grande's service area, however, are in for a treat in the coming weeks.

The communications company announced today that starting on February 18th, they will also be offering 1Gbps download speed service to their customers. Not only that, but they're going to beat AT&T's current price by $5 - monthly service comes in at $64.99 a month, no contract and no usage caps. Dubbed "Power 1000", the service will be available in parts of the Belmont, Rosedale, Bryker Woods, Pemberton Heights, Tarrytown, Oakmont Heights and Old Enfield neighborhoods in West Austin. While the launch of the service is still over a week away, customers can call now to pre-order if they so desire.

Customers who already have Grande Internet who don't want to change their service are in for a treat as well. Starting March 4th, customers with the following plans will find themselves upgraded for no additional charge: • Plans below 15Mbps will be upgraded to the "Power 15Mbps" plan • Plans with 30Mbps will be upgraded to the "Power 50Mbps" plan • Plans with 65Mbps will be upgraded to the "Power 75Mbps" plan In the meantime, we wait for Google Fiber to arrive and to see what Time Warner has up their sleeve to catch up with the rest.

By Kevin Sullivan