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DALLAS, TX, December 13, 2013 - Library patrons who either use the computers provided by the facility or bring their own devices can now count on much faster and more reliable Internet service thanks to a new public/private partnership, according to Library Director Spencer Smith. "Grande Communications, an internet, phone and cable television service provider serving Little Elm homes and businesses, is providing the highest available commercial internet service to the library's system at no cost. In exchange, we have agreed to post a sign that informs patrons of Grande's donation," he said. While the library had already offered internet service, both wired to their public-use computers and wireless to patrons using their own laptops, electronic notebooks and smartphones, the system was only capable of providing service at four mbps (megabytes per second). Service at that speed is generally adequate for a single user or a small network, such as a home with several computers. But, because of the growing patronage at the library and the accompanying demand for more bandwidth, the service was spotty and slow. With Grande Communication's upgrade, the library is now operating at 20 times the previous speed. The new system is rated at 80 mbps. "Clearly, the difference in service is remarkable," Smith said. "Downloads are faster, reliability is vastly improved and the system can accommodate a much larger number of users comfortably. It's a service that we are pleased to provide in partnership with Grande Communications." The Grande Communications/Little Elm Library partnership will remain in place as long as the cable and internet provider maintains a contract with the Town to service Little Elm customers. "The donation is saving the Town significant dollars, and at the same time, helping us improve service to our clients," Smith said. "It also allows Grande to demonstrate its commitment to the community. In my opinion, this is one of those true win-win situations." The Little Elm Journal