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SAN ANTONIO, TX, October 3, 2013 - Thanks to the efforts of the San Marcos based telecommunications firm Grande Communications for donating to Boys Town Texas a new playground. All this began when Grande Communications employees from Grande Cares, a philanthropy club, donated $1000 for our Race for Prevention of Child Abuse, a benefit 10K/5K/fun walk run in March 2013.

Stephanie Cano-Qualls, a member of Grande Cares, took a tour of our campus along with her husband Marcus and saw the need of a new playground. Our playground was in very poor condition. She went back to work and shared with her co-workers the photos of our playground and a few days later brought six of them to our campus to see the need. As thegroup evaluated our needs little did they know that one of their co-workers was a Boys Town Texas alum, Darnell Williams 2004-2005. This gave them a greater desire and connection to help Boys Town Texas.

On June20, Grande Communications had 22 employees come to the campus to work. It was amazing how much they did. They pulled weeds in the volleyball area, set up tents for our Pool Party, disassembled the old swing, placed the weed barrier, spread mulch, trimmed trees, and more. After six hours, our children had a new playground. The playgroundwasn't the end of the great things Grande Communications is doing for Boys Town Texas. They have given us close to 1000 commercials monthly on their San Antonio and San Marcos networks and donated. To top off their generosity, Boys Town was the recipient of their Valued Volunteer award of $8,600 from their Grande Communications Community Chest. Grande Communications is really Grande and truly a blessing to Boys Town Texas!

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