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New investment in network brings Internet accelerationthat doubles the competition's speed in every price category

SAN MARCOS, TX, April 5, 2011 - Grande Communications today announced the introduction of "Unleashed," a new 65 megabits-per-second residential Internet service that is by far the fastest offered by any provider in its Austin-San Marcos-San Antonio market.

The company also is dramatically increasing the speeds of its entry, mid and advanced-level services, offering Grande customers the fastest Internet access at the most affordable prices across the board - in fact, double the speed of any other provider for similarly priced services.

Not only do Grande customers now have access to the fastest Internet service, they also can fully take advantage of that speed regardless of how much time they spend online or how much data they use. Unlike some providers, Grande imposes no bandwidth usage limits or fees for "excessive" usage.Grande's new Internet services are being offered now in San Marcos, and will be available beginning in May in Austin and San Antonio.

"This marks a new beginning for Grande Communications, reaffirming our leadership in product and service innovation in the market," said Grande Communications President Matt Murphy. "We've invested millions of dollars and introduced new technology to even further accelerate the data delivery capability of our advanced network, truly leapfrogging the competition.

"We understand that what customers want most from their Internet service are consistently fast speeds without the worry of extra usage charges or nosebleed prices," Murphy said. "Regardless of their household budget, Grande customers get the fastest speeds."

In addition to the all-new 65 mb/s Unleashed service, which far surpasses the speed of the fastest services available from any other provider, Grande has built its competition-busting speed and value advantage into every level of its upgraded Internet service.

Grande's new Ultra and Power services offer unprecedented speeds designed to effortlessly handle streaming of HD TV shows and movies from services such as Netflix and Hulu, Internet-connected game consoles and multi-player online Web-based games, browsing on interactive and video-rich online sites, and all the bandwidth needs of households with multiple devices including Web TVs, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

Ultra service offers an incredible 40 mb/s versus competitors' 15 to 20 mb/s in the same price range. Power service offers speeds up to 24 mb/s. In that range, competitors are offering services at only 10 to 12 mb/s.

For households on a tighter budget, Grande offers real value with Starter service, at 3 megabits per second (mb/s), and Xpress service, at 8 mb/s, - both twice as fast as competitors' services in the same price range.

Grande also has dramatically increased the "upstream" speed of all its new services, making online life easier and more enjoyable for those who upload their latest videos and photos to Facebook and YouTube or send emails with large attachments.

Prior to February, the fastest Internet speed offered by Grande was 12.0 megabits per second. The new Unleashed service speed of 65 mb/s is more than a fourfold increase.

Current Grande customers with Starter, Xpress, Power and Ultra services will get the new faster speeds - dramatically faster for Power and Ultra services - at no extra charge.

Grande's Internet speed boost is just the latest of many significant product enhancements from the company over the past 18 months, including HD channel additions, Video On Demand, a revamped phone service offering and a new wireless home networking service.

Details on Internet service availability and packages, including money-saving Double and Triple Play packages with video and phone service, are available by phone at 877 6GRANDE or online at

Grande Communications is a Texas-based broadband communications company that offers a full suite of Internet, TV and Phone services for residential and business customers through its state-of-the-art, high-capacity, hybrid fiber-optic network. Since its launch ten years ago, Grande has offered Texans a real choice in entertainment and communications providers plus outstanding local customer and technical support. Grande proudly serves the following communities: Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Midland, Odessa, San Antonio, San Marcos and Waco.