Saying thank you to those who are there when we need them most.

Nominate a local hero in your community today! Heroes are entered to win a $250 gift card, plus a chance to win 1 year of free Internet service.


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Celebrate Them!

They are there every day with commitment to the community. Tell us their stories. What do you see local heroes in your neighborhood doing? Let’s celebrate their action.


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Nicci T., Temple, TX

Nicci is an amazing nurse and speaks life into patients’ lives and is always there for her patients. She’s a hard worker and serves patients and our community.

Dogs happily bathing

Justin B., Waco, TX

Justin is the owner of a local dog day care and serves many people who cannot take care of their dogs during their workday. He kept his daycare open after the city deemed it to be essential. He and his staff took a whole lot of risk being open despite creating new protocols to help prevent spreading of Covid-19.

Office hugging child

Robert L., San Antonio, TX

My son Robert has been with the local Sheriff’s Office for 4 years serving our community. He recently contracted the Covid-19 virus while on the job and now has to be quarantined in his room. He has not been able to go to work nor can he see his wife, 5 year old son and 3 month old baby. While in quarantine he has been posting inspiring videos of himself singing still spreading positivity all around.

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