Wireless Home Networking

Get the Most From the Fastest Internet in Town

With wireless home networking, you can have everyone in your house online doing different things, at the same time, at the same fast speed.

Share Your Grande Connection

Use the same Grande high speed Internet connection with multiple PCs, Macs, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets and other wireless devices.

Free to Move About Your Home

Enjoy Internet access from any room in your house or even the backyard!

We're Here For You

A Grande Technician will professionally install your wireless home network to assure you are up and running on day one. And if you ever have any questions about adding devices to your network, we are here in Texas 24/7 so give our Customer Service a call!

Protecting Your Wireless Home Network

Keeping your wireless home network secure if very important. Click here to access our Wireless Home Networking Quick Reference Guide that will walk you through the necessary steps to reset your network name and/or password.