Internet Security Tips

Home Internet Security Tips

Just like a seatbelt in a car or a helmet on a bike, we all need some type of Internet security to protect ourselves from potential hazards. Here are a few Internet security tips to ensure your safety online.

Secure Your WiFi

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Protect your identity in the event of a lost smartphone. Lock, locate and wipe data from a smartphone remotely.

Device Protection

Device Protection

Antivirus protection isn’t just for PCs. Protect your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone with antivirus software.

Safe Search

Safe Search

When searching the Internet, look for color-coded icons that signify a websites security.


Internet Security FAQs

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What is home network security?

Home network security is the protection of a network that is connected to internet of things (IoT) or smart home devices, which include routers, computers, smartphones, smart appliances, WiFi enabled baby monitors, cameras, and more. Without proper internet security precautions, these interconnected devices can pose a significant security risk to your personal data and privacy.

How do you stay safe online?

There are a number of ways to stay safe online which include checking for HTTPS padlocks on browsers before entering credit card information when shopping online, being aware of email phishing scams, creating unique and strong passwords, securing your WiFi router, limiting the amount of personal information shared on social networks, preventing and removing malware from infected devices, placing family computers in high trafficked areas to prevent children from viewing unsafe content, and monitoring internet usage on your home network.

How do I monitor internet usage on my home network?

You can monitor internet usage on your home network by implementing parental control tools such as content filtering to block access to websites matching unwanted categories, access scheduling which allows you to set a weekly schedule for internet access, and social media tracking to limit your view to just general post and interactions that contain certain words you may deem inappropriate.

How do I secure my WiFi router?

You can secure your WiFi router by changing the default password and creating a strong and unique password for your network. If available, use as stronger encryption standard such as WPA or WPA2 over WEP. Many WiFi routers also have a firewall built in which can be enabled to provide an additional layer of security for your home network. Finally, consider enabling a wireless media access control (MAC) filter. Every device has a unique MAC address. When MAC filtering is enabled it will only allow devices to connect to your network if its MAC address has been added to the filter list.

How do I secure my password?

To secure your password it’s important to not only use a unique password but also differentiate your passwords across all of your accounts. If you use the same password across all platforms and an identity thief accurately guesses your password, they now have access to all of your accounts. In order to create a strong password consider substituting some of the letters for numbers, try spelling a word backwards, use special characters, or use credible online password generators.