What Is Whole Home WiFi?

Whole Home WiFi is a connected system of one or more access points to extend and share wireless signals throughout your entire home. As a result, a “mesh network” is created providing greater internet connectivity and reliability when compared to traditional WiFi setups.


Have you ever noticed that your WiFi signal is stronger in your living room than it is in your bedroom? Or that you can stream videos in your kitchen but can’t even load a webpage in your backyard? The challenge of traditional WiFi networks is that they rely on single routers to broadcast a WiFi signal. This means that your signal is strong when you’re near your router and gets weaker as you move away.

Enhanced Whole Home WiFi provides greater internet connection and reliability throughout your entire home.

While your modem remains in place, one or more eeros are added to your home to enable a “mesh network”, blanketing your home in pervasive internet speed, everywhere

WiFi House Coverage

What Is A Mesh Network?

A mesh network enables multiple routers (or eeros) to work as a team, resulting in improved range, speed, and stability of your WiFi network. Most other WiFi systems only allow for one hop in any direction. Something as simple as a wall can prevent your devices from getting the WiFi signal they need. With a mesh network, such as TrueMesh, WiFi seamlessly hops between eeros, travels down hallways, or goes around walls.

Mesh WiFi network vs WiFi extenders

How many eeros do I need?


Grande’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi was designed to be flexible to fit any home - regardless of your living situation. Here are some hints to help you decide how many eeros you need whether you’re living in an apartment, townhouse, single family home or larger home.

Apartments & Townhouses

Don’t get bogged down by your neighbors devices: apartments & townhomes can be congested places for WiFi. Grande’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi is designed to protect you. TrueMesh technology avoids the noise of your neighbor’s devices and ensures you won’t get buffering or top-offs in your own network.

eero and 1 eero beacon

Single Home

Most Single Family Homes

Custom and grow with you: Grande’s enhance Whole Home WiFi is fully customizable to work for any shape or size home - whether it’s an apartment or a single family home. Regardless of your type if home, you get control and easy access to your secure network.

eero and 2 eero beacons

Large Home

Other Home Types, Medium to Large

WiFi to power all your devices: Download 4K content, stream music in every room, and play online video games without buffering. Connect wired or wirelessly for a fast and reliable connect whether you’re in your living room or you own room.

eero and 3 eero beacons

How can my WiFi Network be managed?

Manage your home WiFi on your mobile device at any time!

You can manage your home WiFi network on your mobile device at any time directly from the app, however, a data connection will be required to initially set up your eero network.

Grande’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi system also works with all your connected devices, Including: Mac Laptop/Desktop, PC Laptop/Desktop, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, Amazon Echo, Roku, Sony PlayStation 3 and 4, Linux Laptop/Desktop, Microsoft Xbox One and 360, Nintendo Wii and more.

eero mobile app