Stream Better with 4K Television

Stream better with 4K Television

Be mesmerized! Enjoy your favorite shows and movies with an even clearer picture using your 4k enabled TV. Feel like you’re right in the middle of the action while watching everything from harrowing drama to adventurous family flicks. Here’s your guide to 4K content that’s available for streaming.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Seasons 1-3 Available Now

Through its premium subscription, Netflix provides all of its original programming in 4K. This means you can catch every unfortunate detail of A Series of Unfortunate Events with 4K streaming. Binge the entire series from the Baudelaire children’s sad beginning through Lemony Snicket’s long-awaited answers.


Stranger Things

Season 3 Premieres July 4th

Clearly showcasing every terrifying detail, Netflix streams a variety of horror series in 4K, including Stranger Things, The Adventures of Sabrina, and The Haunting of Hill House. In the 1980s flashback series, Stranger Things follows a town as in uncovers mysterious events. Seasons 1 and 2 are already streaming on Netflix, but prepare for more of the unexpected with season 3 arriving July 4th.


Live Stream TV in 4K

Feel like you’re actually in the stadium when you live stream sporting events in 4K. With fuboTV enjoy select games like soccer and football in eye-popping color.


Mission Impossible

Movies 1-6 Available Now

Get the movie theater experience with VUDU! This pay-per-use service has the ultimate movie database for 4K movies, which means you can catch all the death-defying action of all six of the Mission Impossible movies.


Around the World 4K

From high adventures to premium movies, YouTube has 4K content to entertain you all year. Start with a glimpse across America with the Best of USA in 4K.

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Experiencing content in 4K delivers a picture so clear and with so much detail, it’s like looking through a window.

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