Before superheroes filled the screen, Segal, Schwarzenegger and Ford were the ones fighting the bad guys. Take a trip back to the 90’s this spring with these beloved adrenaline-generators on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and HBOMax.*

Play Video Under Siege (Netflix)

Under Siege (Netflix)

Steven Segal plays an ex-Navy Seal turned cook who has to stop a group of terrorists when they take over a U.S. battleship.

Play Video Twister (HBO Max)

Twister (HBO Max)

Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt are storm chasers fighting a powerful tornado to deploy their advanced weather alert system.

Play Video The Saint (Prime)

The Saint (Prime)

Val Kilmer stars in this movie based on the popular spy series about a suave international thief who is trying to steal a formula for cold fusion.

Play Video Total Recall (Netflix)

Total Recall (Netflix)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man who discovers his entire life is a lie after he has virtual vacation memories of a trip to Mars implanted in his mind.

Play Video The 13th Warrior (Hulu)

The 13th Warrior (Hulu)

Antonio Banderas stars as a Muslim ambassador exiled from his homeland who has to work with an army of Vikings to fight an evil force.

Play Video Point Break (HBO Max)

Point Break (HBO Max)

Patrick Swayze leads a gang of bank-robbing surfers and Keanu Reeves is the federal agent who infiltrates the gang to bring them down.

Play Video Patriot Games (Hulu)

Patriot Games (Hulu)

Harrison Ford's first foray into the world of Tom Clancy has him getting revenge on the IRA terrorist who injured his wife and daughter.

Play Video Clear and Present Danger (Prime)

Clear and Present Danger (Prime)

Harrison Ford is back again as Jack Ryan. This time he’s thrust into the role of acting deputy director of the CIA.

Play Video The Jackal (Hulu)

The Jackal (Hulu)

Sidney Poitier is the FBI Deputy Director who forces Richard Gere, an IRA terrorist, to hunt down a hit man (Bruce Willis).

Play Video Lionheart (Prime)

Lionheart (Prime)

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a former soldier who turns to bare-knuckle fighting to support his brother's widowed wife and children.