Grande’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi - powered by eero, is a simple-to-use system that blankets any size or shape home in fast, reliable WiFi. With a network that expands to fit your needs, you’ll be able to stream, work, and play from every corner of your home — and from the garage or backyard, too. As soon as your system is set up, TrueMesh™ software begins learning from — and optimizing for — your space, devices, and network usage. So your WiFi is not only fast and secure, but it adapts to your home’s set-up.

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With the eero app in hand, you can see what’s happening on your network, check device usage, share your network with friends, and even pause the internet for dinner.

Unlike traditional routers, eero provides automatic security updates. No searching, downloading, and installing needed.

A complete WiFi system — a combination of eeros and eero Beacons — cover every nook and cranny of your home with fast, reliable connectivity.

Fast speeds and whole home coverage so you can stream whatever you want, wherever you want, however you want – on multiple devices at the same time.

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