Our Pledge to you

Our Commitment to Customers During the Covid19 Emergency

This year, we joined the many providers throughout the country demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond usual business practices to serve customers and our communities, including providing connectivity to customers that are harmed financially because of the emergency and by maintaining our networks to handle the surge in traffic.

Going forward, provided there is a federal or relevant state declaration of an emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we commit to our customers and communities that we will endeavor to comply with local, state, and federal government laws and emergency orders, comply with the following practices, while protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees:

  • Work with residential and small business broadband and voice customers that have been impacted financially by the COVID-19 crisis. We are committed to working with customers to find affordable package options and payment plans;
  • Provide an affordable broadband service, either through wired or Wi-Fi connections, to economically challenged households to enable K-12 students in their households to engage in online education while school is in session;
  • Work with K-12 schools to provide affordable broadband service for economically challenged households with students throughout the school year, including via bulk agreements;
  • Work with communities, hospitals, medical centers and other essential institutions in addressing their unique broadband connection needs and challenges;
  • Respond expeditiously to requests from customers with current accounts to upgrade their broadband service to higher performance tiers or make other service adjustments;
  • Respond expeditiously to requests from consumers to become new customers for broadband or voice service;
  • Assist, to the extent practicable, residential and small business customers with issues with their in-home (non-network) equipment and use of software/applications;
  • Operate, maintain, and upgrade our networks to ensure our customers continue to receive the experience they were promised.

Further, as part of ACA Connects, we join other communications providers to support legislation, that provides funding directly to residential and small business broadband and voice customers in need to enable them to stay connected to their services during the COVID-19 emergency.