Important information about Grande Preparedness

We continue to pay close attention to the fast changing COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak and take very seriously the critical role we play in keeping you and our communities connected during these unprecedented times. We also recognize the importance of stopping the spread of the virus and want to do all we can to keep our customers and employees safe as global, national and local efforts continue to evolve. To support those critical missions we want to share some tips and action steps we are taking to assure you that we continue to be here for you.

Reliability and Capacity of our Networks:

Network Operations

We have invested tens of millions of dollars upgrading and supporting our fiber networks. Our networks are designed, built and supported for capacity, speed, flexibility, and reliability. In addition we have trained and certified local technicians at the ready should a local need arise. As this situation has unfolded we have undertaken incremental steps to ensure business continuity in our networks. You can be assured there is plenty of capacity to handle the extra load of working and learning from home and that we monitor that usage and capacity on a real time basis.

Interacting with us:

With the many government mandated closures around the country we want to be sure you can still interact with us in a safe and efficient manner. We have a host of digital self-service options including troubleshooting, bill payment, equipment returns, help & support, etc. Here are a few links to help get you to the right place:

Customer interacting with us

If you choose to call us, please know that wait times may be a bit higher as some of our employees are dealing with COVID-19 related restrictions in their own communities.

Keeping you and our employees safe:

All of our employees have been provided a COVID-19/Coronavirus training program based on CDC guidelines to help them understand how to prevent the spread of the virus. This training incudes recognizing any illness or symptoms they may experience and to not come to work should they be experiencing those symptoms, while also recognizing symptoms and safety steps when dealing with others. We will continue to use our best efforts to stock our offices and service vehicles with hand sanitizers and our installers and technicians with vinyl gloves for added security as long as supplies last. In addition, we have increased the frequency of cleaning our lobbies and offices.

Supporting those financially disadvantaged by the Pandemic:

We are committed to keeping service connected to those disadvantaged by the impacts this pandemic is having on our customers and communities.

For those experiencing financial hardship as a result of recent events pertaining to COVID-19, special arrangements can be made available to keep your services active. Please reach out to us, we are here and ready to help by deferring payments and waiving late fees due to economic situations caused by COVID-19 coronavirus.

As you, your families or businesses take the necessary steps to stay healthy and mitigate the spread of this virus, know that each of us at Grande remain committed to doing the same while also ensuring that our networks perform at their best to keep all of us and our communities connected.

Lastly, thank you for being a Grande customer. We all appreciate it very much.

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What steps is Grande taking to minimize exposure and risk?

We have and will continue to proactively educate our employees on prevention and take precaution steps as identified by the CDC and local health officials to ensure they do not exhibit any symptoms and feel safe for themselves and our customers when entering a home.

We have taken steps as provided by the CDC plus we have put restrictions on travel, are postponing events, limiting the size of meetings, providing remote-work solutions. We continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment – from customer homes and businesses to our stores and offices. We have ramped up cleaning schedules and continue to provide additional protective supplies and sanitizers, with a special focus on customer-facing locations and interactions.

How Does Grande maintain network reliability?

Our network is engineered and built for capacity, speed, reliability, and expansion. In addition, we closely monitor network usage 24x7 to ensure there is ample capacity for an optimal customer experience. Even with more and more people working from home in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 situation, we continue to see optimal performance of the network with significant excess capacity as our network is designed for evening peak load use no matter the time of day. The additional usage during the day has had no impact on our service.

We continuously test, monitor and enhance our systems to ensure optimal performance and a reliable connection while also standing ready to address network issues that may arise with trained and seasoned local technicians. Our robust, fiber-rich network enables us to operate in interconnected footprints on the East and West coasts and in the Central U.S. with back-up capabilities for each.

Reliable communication is a critical tool during this time, so our customers, the public, and government agencies are all counting on us to have our services up and running. We are committed and ready to do our part in taking care of each other during this time - our customers, communities, businesses and employees. Thank you for choosing Grande.

What resources are available for customers?

We have easy and convenient online and digital self-service tools to keep you connected to us at any time at (URL and mobile app). You can manage your account and get customer support, chat with us, pay your bill, update account info, add TV packages, watch TV and more from the convenience and safety of your home.

What if I can’t pay my bill due to coronavirus?

As always we are here for you and will work with any customer that is adversely impacted by COVID-19 coronavirus. Please reach out to us, we are here and ready to help by deferring payments and waiving late fees due to economic situations caused by COVID-19 coronavirus.