Q.  What about Grande and HBO Go?

    • HBO Go goes everywhere (including customer TV sets) through one device:the Grande TiVo set-top box.  Grande’s partnership with TiVo has enabled them to be the first cable provider to offer HBO Go through set-top boxes.


    Q.  How does it work if HBO Go is mainly an Internet streaming service and Grande is saying it can appear on your television?  Do you have to have Wi-Fi and have it go through a computer/laptop before it appears on the TV?

    • No. The TiVo box is connected to the Internet service (hard-wired connected) and it displays HBO Go directly on your TV. HBO Go content is accessed through the TiVo menu/interface allowing it to be viewed on the big screen TV without you having to toggle to another device – it’s all-in-one.


    Q.  Do you have to have Wi-Fi and have it go through a computer/laptop before it appears on the TV?

    • No. You have to have an Internet connection wired to your TiVo box.  First-time users will need to register their TiVo set-top-box online.  To do so, first turn on your TV, go to TiVo Central, launch the app and an access code will appear.  From there, using your computer, go to, select TiVo as your device, select Grande as your provider and enter the access code.  This is a one-time activation and you will not need to repeat it unless you do not use HBO Go for 30 days.


    Q.  How does this work? 

    • Grande TiVo customers can access the HBO Max app right on their TV using their TiVo box. 
    • It’s one box for all entertainment needs, including HBO Go in three clicks: TiVo Central > Find TV, Movies & Grande VOD > HBO Go.
    • In the next 30-60 days, we’ll be adding an actual channel that customers can tune to that will bring them right into the app, launching HBO Go for them to begin using immediately, just like a regular channel. 


    Q.  What are the benefits of this pairing (Grande+TiVo+HBO)

    • This partnership means a smarter, more convenient entertainment experience for customers with one-stop-viewing technology. 
    • Blending the expanded HBO Go library with TiVo’s intuitive menus, there’s virtually no HBO show or episode you can’t start enjoying in a moment’s notice, in one list, from ONE device – your main TV. 
    • HBO Go content is integrated into TiVo Search and TiVo’s OnePass™ selections, giving TiVo users a way to access an even more comprehensive catalog faster than ever before. There is no need to switch to a gaming console or other streaming device.  HBO Go content can now be streamed from the television through Grande’s DVR powered by TiVo.
    • TiVo’s search capabilities track down every episode of a show you want to watch and saves it for whenever you’re ready. If it is not available on TV, TiVo fills in the gaps with episodes from Live TV, On Demand and streaming services like HBO Go. Then TiVo OnePass organizes it all into a customizable playlist for your viewing pleasure.  So when you’re ready to binge, TiVo has it all cued up for you.
    • You can add shows and movies that you'd like to watch in the future to your “watchlist” in HBO Go. Your watchlist is associated with your profile, which means it's available when you sign in to HBO Go on any device or on


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