The Edge is Closer Than You Think

We've started by shifting some data storage and processing capabilities to the cloud to improve performance, eventually evolving into a multi-cloud or hybrid system. Today the multi-cloud strategy has fragmented further to place smaller servers with some processing power close enough to front-line users to deliver real-time interactivity. So instead of communicating with a server farm 3,000 miles away, the central cloud can spin up a copy of the accessed file or application and move it to a micro data center just 100 miles away from the user to vastly improve responsiveness. That's the Edge.

But like anything else, there are risks and rewards associated with migrating to edge computing that impact issues such as speed, cost, security, application performance, versatility and scalability. We invite you to download our white paper, Edge Computing: Get Closer to the Cloud, to learn more about the advantages edge computing provides over traditional forms of network architecture to deliver a better user experience.

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