The Software-Defined-WAN: A Technology Whose Time Has Come

Don't Lose Sight of the Cloud

As businesses migrate to the cloud, network administrators are finding many of the tools used for on-premises monitoring and management do not transfer; they have limited visibility into key performance indicators. Further, as WANs expand to support more locations and end users, they become more complex. Manual server and router configuration are required at each site every time there is a change in policy or provisioning. Quite simply, WANs designed during the pre-cloud era may be holding your company back.

So how can administrators continue to monitor network performance, optimize traffic loads and efficiently manage remote appliance configuration changes after some or all of their infrastructure has migrated to the cloud? Those needs simply don't vanish because the network moved off-premises. The answer is SD-WAN, a centralized portal for complete network control and monitoring through the cloud. In our latest white paper, The Software-Defined-WAN: A Technology Whose Time Has Come, you'll learn about why your business needs SD-WAN, how to tell when you're ready for it, and some tips for the best way to go about implementation.

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