Network Agility

This white paper, Network Agility: The Automation of Automation, offers valuable insight into why businesses need to invest in tools that enable automation. It presents the benefits an agile network brings to the enterprise including scalability, cost savings and proactive problem resolution for faster responses and better decision-making.


Ransomware: Don't Let Your Data Be Held Hostage

Our white paper, Ransomware: Don't Let Your Data Be Held Hostage, reviews the common causes, costs and possible outcomes of a ransomware attack. Download it now to learn some simple steps that every business can take to avoid falling victim in the first place, as well as several recommendations for recovering from a ransomware attack.


IT Disaster Recovery Planning: Essential to Business Survival

Even small disasters that cause businesses to suspend operations for three days or more can trigger an exodus of customers that can be fatal. Our white paper, IT Disaster Recovery Planning: Essential to Business Survival, provides valuable insight to enable quick recovery from an unexpected interruption to the IT side of business operations.


Moving Beyond Customer Satisfaction: What Drives Growth Is The Overall Experience

While it’s true that customer retention is easier (and less expensive) than customer acquisition, a lot of businesses nonetheless focus their energies on attracting new clientele. In addition to business development efforts, though, it’s imperative to dedicate resources to keep the customers you have pleased and coming back for more.


Millennials vs. Baby Boomers

Understanding the motivations that drive the two dominant demographic groups and how they interact with technology greatly impacts the success of any business. Tailoring your message and its format to your intended target audience is the best way to capture attention.