Wake up your network with a steaming cup of Ethernet!

How to choose the right Ethernet connection to improve productivity

Wake up your network with a steaming cup of Ethernet!

Maybe your company has expanded. Or maybe it’s the same size but now deals with more robust applications. Or maybe your account team downloads an inordinate amount of cat videos. Whatever the reason is for your sluggish network, you need to wake it up quickly in order to improve office productivity and customer satisfaction.

The need for higher bandwidth and improved capacity has more and more businesses migrating their legacy networks to an all-Ethernet infrastructure, especially companies with large data requirements. This secure, fiber-based solution provides an affordable and superior alternative to outdated frame relay, private line and data T1 offerings, resulting in increased efficiency and greater productivity. It is also simple to install, manage, and maintain, all of which makes for a happy, friendly IT staff (well, happy anyway).

Another huge benefit of Ethernet is that it’s scalable to meet your growing demands, delivering speeds up to 100 Gbps. You just need to decide which Ethernet network is best for your company:

There is a point-to-point service for direct connectivity between two locations, allowing you to transmit data over a private network. It’s a vastly superior alternative to older, copper-based networks, providing high quality and added security and enabling you to share more data more quickly.

Businesses with multiple locations can opt for a multipoint service for centralized connectivity for businesses with multiple locations. This service is a cost-effective alternative to traditional network configurations and offers symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gbps, giving you a flexible network solution that can move large amounts of data between locations quickly and securely.

Finally, there is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) which provides a continuous, high-speed link between a company’s local area network and the Internet. It’s a dedicated, scalable connection with symmetrical speeds between 10 and 100Gbps. Plus, since it’s based on the same Ethernet protocol used for LAN connectivity, it frees you from staffing up your IT department in order to run it.

Are you looking to store and transfer data with fast, reliable, secure Ethernet connections? Grande Business Ethernet is ideal for single locations with high bandwidth data needs as well as multi-location businesses requiring secure LANs. Connect with Grande today and learn more to give your sluggish network a shot of Ethernet energy.

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