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The Top 5 smart tools to help small business owners save time...and their sanity.

Here’s the good news: There’s an office software Renaissance going on, offering small business owners a vast variety of time-saving tools to make the workdays run more smoothly and productively! Now here’s the bad news: As a small business owner, you’re probably too busy with day-to-day operations to read this article. But maybe one of your employees will read this...or your spouse. In any event, we are here to let you know about some of our favorite online applications that’ll help you better manage your business.

1. Basecamp (for collaborating)

There are hundreds of project management and collaboration programs on the market, but Basecamp continues to outperform the competition in terms of both internal and client communication. It’s simple to use, doesn’t bother with bells and whistles you don’t need, frees you of email system build-up and makes transporting files simple. And of course, it’s mobile. And like the great assistant your business wants but can’t afford, it sends you alerts and reminders of all the things you may otherwise forget because of your many responsibilities.

2. Slack (for messaging)

Here’s another great management tool that improves inter-office communication. Like Basecamp, it features alerts, notifications and file sharing. However, Slack has certain functionalities that make it stand out, particularly its smart instant messaging app, which is like Google Chat or iChat on steroids. It shows you who’s online, gives you an @everyone tag to send a message to your whole team and it integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox. Oh, and it’s free!

3. Dropbox (for file sharing)

While Dropbox is no substitute for a complete system backup, the cloud-based storage system is a great tool to keep all of your documents and images safely in one place. And if you upgrade to Dropbox Business Advanced, you’ll have unlimited space, as opposed to the Professional 2TB plan. With Dropbox, you can access and upload business files from your synched phone or laptop, at the office or anywhere else your business, or life, takes you.

4. Tripit (for traveling)

If your business (or personal life) involves even an average amount of travel, Tripit is a terrific tool for managing and organizing all your itineraries. You can stay on top of everything from directions to gate information to hotel reservations, with confirmation numbers, seat assignments and relevant contact info right in front of you. Upgrade and you can also receive weather and flight updates or find out if a better seat becomes available. It’s like having your own personal, pocket-sized, travel agent.

5. Evernote (for note taking)

For note-takers with Post-its littering their desks or organizers constantly on the verge of bursting, Evernote is the super-functional app for you. This digital file cabinet allows you to create checklists, clip online articles, gather links and organize files and audio recordings into shareable notes and notebooks. You can also sync Evernote across all devices and it even integrates seamlessly with Google Drive.

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