Better Manage Your Business with These Time-Saving Apps

There’s an office software Renaissance going on, offering small business owners a vast variety of time-saving tools to make the workdays run more smoothly and productively! Now here’s the bad news: As a small business owner, you’re probably too busy with day-to-day operations to read this article. But maybe one of your employees will read this...or your spouse. In any event, we are here to let you know about some of our favorite online applications that’ll help you better manage your business.


Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Business Owners

You need it to pay the bills when they’re due, and to pay your staff. But long sales chains or slow-paying clients could put you in a cash flow crisis if you’re not prepared. Here are a few things you can do (and not do) to better manage your cash flow.


Achieve a Reliable and Secure Connection with Managed Wi-Fi

For small businesses, a slow or unreliable Internet connection is more than simply an annoyance. It means less productive and efficient employees. It means unhappy customers. It means financial losses unless you act quickly. The challenge is to deliver a wireless solution that offers dependability, performance and robust security.


4 Simple Steps to Help You Earn Rave Reviews from Your Customers

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 93% of consumers read peer reviews, and 60% won’t use a business that gets a thumbs down. So, now that you’re in the acceptance phase of your grief, what can you do to boost your future online reviews? Just take the following steps to help you attract more reviewers, gain better business ratings and better engage your audience.


4 ways to make your email list blossom

Just like a garden, your company’s email list won’t bloom by itself. You must constantly tend to your database in order to keep it alive and thriving. To that end, we offer the following tips...they may not do much for your relationship with your neighbors, but they can work wonders for your contact list!


The Internet of Things is making life at home simpler and safe

For the last decade or so, we've been promised a future filled with Jetsons-style smart devices that will talk to us, think for us, and make life easier. It’s safe to say that the future has arrived. Take a look at this infographic to see what the IoT has in store for us in the years to come!


The Real Cost of Downtime

A network power study by Emerson reveals that unplanned data center outages cost businesses nearly $9,000 per minute. While unexpected downtime may provide welcome relief for employees if they get sent home while the network is down, for management the headache is just beginning.


IoT In the Work and Home

It's one thing to get a text from your spouse asking you to pick up milk and juice on the way home from work. It's quite another to get that same message from your refrigerator.


The Benefits of Edge Computing vs Cloud Computing

Your 3rd grade science teacher may have asked you, what happens when clouds fill up? They get dark and slow and it let some of that moisture fall to earth, right? You've got to switch to your rainy-day plans.


Wake up your network with a steaming cup of Ethernet!

Maybe your company has expanded. Or maybe it’s the same size but now deals with more robust applications. Or maybe your account team downloads an inordinate amount of cat videos.


Hey Siri, is AI Taking Over the World?

In 2018, artificial intelligence is synonymous with Transformer-esque robots taking over the world. While the future of AI remains unclear, daily bots like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa won’t provoke Megatron to crash land in the middle of Times Square.


Keep your Business off the by Avoiding these Phishing Tricks

We’ve gotten way smarter when it comes to sniffing out email phishing scams and recognizing cybercrime. No longer are we excited to hear from that Nigerian prince or go into a frenzy when the IRS demands a payment.


Take Your Business to the Next Level with these Digital Transformation Tips

What’s one lesson you can learn from Blockbuster and Borders? How important it is to hit the ground running when it comes to implementing a digital plan. They were two major enterprises that got off to a late start on the journey to digital transformation.