5 Tips to Improve Lead Quality and Conversion Rates

Here are some tips to increase the quality of the leads your site can generate and the associated bump in lead conversions to a successful sale.


4 Strategies to Follow to Make Your Cloud Migration Go Smoothly

Migrating to the cloud will provide many benefits like increased data storage, scalability, mobility, and cost savings. Here are 4 cloud migration strategies for your small business.


How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Going Green

Small business owners spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Where will the company be in five years? How much longer will the color printer hold out for? One future concern you’re probably not putting much thought into is the environment and what impact your business may be having on it. Going green can actually make some green for your company! Here are some ways to do it.


3 Tips to Improve your Modem and Router Performance

For most small business owners, the modem and router are just part of the internet service you pay for...and as long as they keep the office connected, you probably don’t give them much thought. But a little knowledge can help your office run more efficiently (and save you a couple of bucks). Here are three quick modem and router tips to get the best value and performance out of these network devices.


5 Simple Ways to Keep your employees engaged and satisfied

How do you keep your workers happy and satisfied? A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal suggests you should create an environment where workers feel respected and appreciated. With that in mind, here are five simple ideas for do just that.


A Quick Crash Course on What You Need to Know About 5G

Sliced bread, move over. 5G is coming, ushering in a new era of digital transformation and making everything in life faster, smarter and better! At least that’s what all the industry players are saying. In fact, to this point, that’s about the only thing they agree upon, as they keep trying to settle on a definition of what the "real” 5G actually is. There are some things that we know for sure though, and you’d be wise to know them, too. With that, we humbly submit this quick crash course on 5G.


Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses

While most business owners focus on increasing sales, it’s equally important to lower expenses. With that in mind, here are some cost-saving ideas that will help boost your company’s bottom line and decrease your stress levels.


4 Ways to Improve Your WAN Performance

We have instant communication through chat apps. We can download and send multi-gig files in seconds through the cloud. We can multitask through multiple devices all at once. Unfortunately, all of this web activity can cause heavy delays on your WAN, which can only handle so much data at a time. So, how do you ease the congestion? Here are four ideas to help you increase your throughput.


Take a Mobile-first Approach to Digital Transformation

With more companies depending on mobility to increase employee productivity and efficiency while lowering operational costs, it’s time to look at what your business is doing to put an enterprise mobility strategy into place.


Why Your Small Business Should Commit to Content Marketing

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably already using social media as a marketing tactic. Here are five reasons why inbound (content) marketing should play a bigger role your promotional planning.


Get the Work-life Balance Right

We all need a break sometimes, but you don’t have to break your smart phone to get one. In fact, there are several apps out there that you can download now to help you tune out the job for a while and tune-up your body, mind and soul.


The Remote vs In-Office Worker Debate

Thanks to modern technology such as chat apps, video conferencing and cloud software, the work-at-home model is more sustainable than ever before, leading many companies to hire more remote workers, as well as out-of-office freelancers. For other companies, a traditional office setting still works best. So, which option is best for you? Let’s take a look at both sides of the debate.


Will the Gig Economy Bring an End to the Traditional 9-to-5?

Welcome to the “gig economy,” a free market system in which contracted positions are commonly used by businesses...often in favor of full-time employees. So, is this new culture a good fit for your business? Here are some of the pros and cons.


4 Methods To Earn Customer Loyalty

Timing an infrequent customer into one of your “regulars” is no easy feat. It requires more than just meeting their needs. You’ve got to go the extra mile to earn their loyalty. If you don’t, you can bet your competitors will. Here are four tips to get you started.


Don’t Be Slow to Act on Your High-Speed Internet Needs

The internet is a big part of small business, and it’s vital that you provide sufficient bandwidth to accommodate your employees/customers and all that data moving around. So how do you calculate exactly how much you need? Let’s start by answering some simple questions.


Let’s Be Clear About Cloud Data Storage

The Internet of Things. Big Data. Artificial Intelligence. As the internet continues to evolve and grow, data center administrators need to ready themselves for the massive amounts of data they need to handle.


Now You’re Talking! Reasons to Love Chat Tools

In today’s business setting, there are more ways of communicating then ever before—from emails and texts, to traditional calls and video conferencing, to a variety of social networks—and some are less time-efficient, convenient or traceable than others. And while it may feel like your company has more forms of office communication than employees, here are four good reasons why a chat app makes sense for even the smallest of small businesses.


Get the Big Picture on Big Data

Big data is growing faster than ever and and it can be hard to keep up. Here are five big data trends you should be aware of in today’s rapidly evolving IoT landscape.


Better Manage Your Business with These Time-Saving Apps

There’s an office software Renaissance going on, offering small business owners a vast variety of time-saving tools to make the workdays run more smoothly and productively! Now here’s the bad news: As a small business owner, you’re probably too busy with day-to-day operations to read this article. But maybe one of your employees will read this...or your spouse. In any event, we are here to let you know about some of our favorite online applications that’ll help you better manage your business.


Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Business Owners

You need it to pay the bills when they’re due, and to pay your staff. But long sales chains or slow-paying clients could put you in a cash flow crisis if you’re not prepared. Here are a few things you can do (and not do) to better manage your cash flow.


Achieve a Reliable and Secure Connection with Managed Wi-Fi

For small businesses, a slow or unreliable Internet connection is more than simply an annoyance. It means less productive and efficient employees. It means unhappy customers. It means financial losses unless you act quickly. The challenge is to deliver a wireless solution that offers dependability, performance and robust security.


4 Simple Steps to Help You Earn Rave Reviews from Your Customers

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 93% of consumers read peer reviews, and 60% won’t use a business that gets a thumbs down. So, now that you’re in the acceptance phase of your grief, what can you do to boost your future online reviews? Just take the following steps to help you attract more reviewers, gain better business ratings and better engage your audience.


4 ways to make your email list blossom

Just like a garden, your company’s email list won’t bloom by itself. You must constantly tend to your database in order to keep it alive and thriving. To that end, we offer the following tips...they may not do much for your relationship with your neighbors, but they can work wonders for your contact list!


The Internet of Things is making life at home simpler and safe

For the last decade or so, we've been promised a future filled with Jetsons-style smart devices that will talk to us, think for us, and make life easier. It’s safe to say that the future has arrived. Take a look at this infographic to see what the IoT has in store for us in the years to come!


The Real Cost of Downtime

A network power study by Emerson reveals that unplanned data center outages cost businesses nearly $9,000 per minute. While unexpected downtime may provide welcome relief for employees if they get sent home while the network is down, for management the headache is just beginning.


IoT In the Work and Home

It's one thing to get a text from your spouse asking you to pick up milk and juice on the way home from work. It's quite another to get that same message from your refrigerator.


The Benefits of Edge Computing vs Cloud Computing

Your 3rd grade science teacher may have asked you, what happens when clouds fill up? They get dark and slow and it let some of that moisture fall to earth, right? You've got to switch to your rainy-day plans.


Wake up your network with a steaming cup of Ethernet!

Maybe your company has expanded. Or maybe it’s the same size but now deals with more robust applications. Or maybe your account team downloads an inordinate amount of cat videos.


Hey Siri, is AI Taking Over the World?

In 2018, artificial intelligence is synonymous with Transformer-esque robots taking over the world. While the future of AI remains unclear, daily bots like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa won’t provoke Megatron to crash land in the middle of Times Square.


Keep your Business off the by Avoiding these Phishing Tricks

We’ve gotten way smarter when it comes to sniffing out email phishing scams and recognizing cybercrime. No longer are we excited to hear from that Nigerian prince or go into a frenzy when the IRS demands a payment.


Take Your Business to the Next Level with these Digital Transformation Tips

What’s one lesson you can learn from Blockbuster and Borders? How important it is to hit the ground running when it comes to implementing a digital plan. They were two major enterprises that got off to a late start on the journey to digital transformation.