Conversion to All-Digital FAQs


All Digital

Please Read Information Below to Avoid Interruption To Your Service



1. What is analog conversion and how does it affect my Grande TV service?

In an effort to improve the service we offer our customers, we are converting old analog channels to an all-digital format. You are currently getting two versions (analog and digital) of each of the impacted channels. This is called digital simulcast. When we convert an old analog channel to an all-digital delivery, we are simply dropping the analog version of the channel but keeping the digital version. We aren’t dropping the channel – it will remain in our channel lineup – we are simply converting it to all-digital. We are just no longer providing these channels in analog format.

If you do not have any Grande-supplied equipment (set-top box, DVR, TiVo, or Cablecard) – and simply plug your TV into the cable outlet on your wall – you will no longer be able to view these channels.

If you have Grande-supplied equipment (set-top box, DVR, TiVo, or Cablecard) connected to each TV in your home or business, you will be unaffected by this change and no action on your part is required.

2. What channels are impacted?

Every channel in your line up will be impacted by the conversion to all-digital. You can find the list of impacted channels by market.

3. Will every channel move to all-digital? Will there be any channels that I can still watch by simply plugging my TV into the cable outlet on the wall?

Every channel is moving to all-digital. In order to view all the channels in your line up you must have Grande-supplied equipment connected to each TV in your home or business.

4. When is Grande converting these channels to all-digital?

We are converting to all-digital city-by-city. Check back here often to see when your city is converting.

5. Why is Grande moving to an all-digital delivery?

Analog channels use a lot of bandwidth. We can fit 10 digital channels in one analog channel. Avoiding the use of analog channels or dropping the analog version of the channel allows Grande to use that bandwidth to add the HD channels our customers are requesting as well as increase our internet speeds in the future. This also enables Grande to offer better picture quality and more reliable service.

6. Are all cable companies converting to digital only?

In the cable TV industry and across the U.S., virtually all cable companies are dropping analog channel carriage. It is an important prerequisite to offering more HD channels and faster internet speeds.  

7. How do I know if I am impacted?

You will be impacted if you subscribe to any level of our TV service and do not have Grande-supplied equipment (set-top box, DVR, TiVo, or Cablecard) on every TV in your home or business.

If some of your TVs have Grande-supplied equipment, while others are directly plugged into a cable outlet on the wall, then the TVs directly plugged into the wall will require Grande-supplied equipment (set-top box, DVR, TiVo, or Cablecard) to continue viewing the channels in your TV line up. 

8. What if I only have basic TV and do not have Grande-supplied equipment?  Will I be impacted?

If you have Grande’s basic TV service with no Grande-supplied equipment, then this conversion to all-digital will impact your TV service. Each TV in your home or business must have Grande-supplied equipment (set-top box, DVR, TiVo, or Cablecard) in order to view the channels in an all-digital format.  

9. I am a new Grande customer. Am I impacted?

Once these channels are converted to all-digital, every Grande customer will need Grande-supplied equipment to view these channels.  Double check all the TVs in your home or business to make sure they are connected to either a set-top box, DVR, TiVo, or Cablecard. If they aren’t, then you will need to pick up additional equipment if you want to view these channels on these TVs. 

10. How will the Grande analog conversion impact the channels I receive?  Will I lose any channels?

Grande is converting these channels to all-digital. They will continue to be part of your channel line-up.  We are simply removing the analog version of these channels and moving to an all-digital format.

You will only lose these channels if you have TVs in your home or business that do not have any Grande-supplied equipment (I.e. are plugged directly into the cable outlet on your wall).

11. How is Grande letting customers know they need a box on all TVs? 

We are informing our existing TV customers through a variety of communications. We are mailing a letter to the billing address on file, posting a message on your monthly bill and the last page of your bill, and sending email communications. 

12. How can I get a high-definition set-top box or DVR?

If you would like a HD set-top box or DVR, you can pick one up directly from one of our local retail/payment centers. Also note that if you are an existing residential or commercial customer Grande is providing one high-definition (HD) set-top box at no additional cost for the first 12 months. You can also get up to 2 more HD set-top boxes for $2.99 per month, for the first year. Discounted HD set-top boxes are valid on up to 3 additional outlets per home, apartment, or business.

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If you would like to add TiVo equipment to your home, please contact customer service at 866-247-2633 and one of our customer care professionals will assist you with selecting the equipment that is right for you. Make sure you ask about the special TiVo discounts available with the conversion to all-digital. They will also schedule the professional installation for your new TiVo equipment. 

13How do I install my HD set-top box or DVR

Installing your new equipment is simple. Click here for easy-to-follow installation instructions.