Why Do Rates Increase?


Rate Adjustment Overview: Effective January 1, 2018

All of us at Grande appreciate your business. Each of us work hard to ensure that you and the communities we serve have access to the best, fastest and most reliable internet, TV and phone services. We are local; we live and work in your community, and we are committed to serving you, our friends, families and neighbors. To deliver on this, Grande continues to make substantial investments and upgrades to our network and technology to give customers more for their money — like faster internet service with speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps), a more reliable network and an overall better experience – all backed by Texas based customer support.  

While Grande strives to keep prices as low as possible, we – and our entire industry – continue to face dramatic increases in the costs we are forced to pay large corporate broadcasters and cable networks for the right to carry their programming. These networks are charging increasingly higher fees to make up for lost advertising revenue due to fewer consumers watching their programming. Because of these rising programming costs, we are forced to make adjustments to our rates, recovering only a portion of those increases and absorbing the rest.

  • Broadcast TV Surcharge will see an increase of $3.00 applicable to customers with Grande cable packages with Basic TV or higher
  • The Sports Surcharge and Entertainment Networks Surcharge will see an increase of $2.00 applicable to customers with Grande cable packages with Expanded or Preferred TV or higher
  • There will be an adjustment to the Service Repair (Trip fee) of $15.00 that covers one-time technician visits for out of scope repairs to service or wiring.
  • Grande Protection Plan customers will see an increase of $2.00 on your next statement. This plan protects you from service charges to repair inside wiring.
  • A Network Access and Maintenance Fee of $1.97 will be applicable to Internet customers to help defray costs associated with building and maintaining Grande’s fiber rich broadband network, as well as the costs of expanding network capacity to support the continued increase in customers' average broadband consumption. 


We’ll continue working hard to bring you the most advanced services with outstanding customer support while minimizing operating and programming costs. Led by a customer-focused vision, we’re dedicated to fulfilling your communication, entertainment and information needs.



    What if my television is not a High-Definition TV? Will the new HD Cable Box work with my current TV?

    Yes, the Grande HD cable box will receive the HD channel and convert it to work with your Standard Definition (SD) television.

    What will happen if I do not exchange my current SD cable box for the HD cable box?

    If you have not upgraded your cable set-top boxes to HD by July 31, 2018, you will not be able to view channels with your existing SD box.

    I have several Grande cable set-top boxes. How do I know which are SD versus HD?

    For each cable set-top boxes that you have in your home or business, turn on the TV connected to that box. Now turn your TV to channel 800. If you can see the Grande logo on the screen, then this TV is connected to an HD box and no action is necessary. If you see a black screen with no logo on it, then you have an SD box that needs to be upgraded.

    Are these SD channels going away or changing to a different channel number?

    You will still have these channels – they are not getting removed or changing to a different channel number. We are simply changing the delivery of these channels from SD to HD.

    Will you charge me extra for this HD cable box?

    There are no additional charges through the end of the year to exchange an existing SD cable box listed on your account for an HD box. Additional HD cable boxes will require monthly rental fee. Please speak with a representative at your local retail center for more information.

    What do I need to bring with me when I exchange my SD cable box?

    Please unplug each SD cable box in your home or business. Make sure you bring the cord and any remote controls associated with the box.

    Can I have a Grande technician come to my house and install the new HD cable box and return my SD cable box?

    Yes, a technician can be scheduled, however, a technician trip charge will apply.

    Where can I exchange my SD cable box for an HD cable box?

    Click here to find the address of the Grande local retail center most convenient to you.