Why Disputes Happen


Here is what you should know...

Network & Station Fees

Grande pays programmers (network or station owners) a fee per channel, per month, per customer. When contracts come to an end, we negotiate new agreements. Most of the time you never hear about them. But sometimes, a network or station owner will demand a significant increase in its monthly fees. Then they may try to force us to accept their demands. In those cases, we believe it’s our responsibility to take a stand and help protect you from excessive increases.



In recent years, broadcasters and network owners have become very aggressive, demanding increasingly larger payments for carriage of their “must-see” network shows and their family of networks. Historically, most channels were available at much lower costs to consumers and the cable TV provider. Here is what is happening:

  • Carrying individual channels instead of a network owner’s entire “family of networks” is not an option offered to TV providers.
  • We are forced to carry ALL networks from a given network owner.
  • Most carriage agreements require TV providers to pay large programming rate hikes or give up all of the networks – with no in between option.
  • Network owners have also forced TV providers to carry channels on specific tiers as part of the agreement, which drives costs higher.
  • Networks are also forcing higher fees on TV providers for TV Everywhere and On Demand carriage as part of carriage agreements.
  • TV providers are required to pay a fee for every household that receives that channel, regardless of whether anyone in that household even watches the channel.