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What is 4K TV?

4K programming through a 4K TV delivers four times the number of pixels as standard HD, which results in even clearer pictures.

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Getting Started

Here’s what you need to explore the world of 4K Ultra HDTV streaming.

4k tv icon A 4K Ultra
HD-capable TV
WiFi signal icon High-speed
internet connection
4K set-top box icon A 4K-capable
set-top box
Streaming media icon Separate subscription to 4K
streaming provider

I Want 4K

Make Your Entertainment Come to Life

Make Your Entertainment
Come to Life!

Enjoy 4K streaming, with picture quality so pure, it feels like you are looking through a window.

Why 4K?

4K Ultra HD delivers amazing 4K picture quality with crisp, sharp images that give you a theater-like experience. Images are incredibly life-like, as if you’re looking through a window rather than a TV.

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How to watch 4K

Man watching 4K tv

How to watch 4K video online and on TV

The amount of 4K content is increasing, 4K TV has gone from being the future of TV to a firm reality.

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Young couple shopping for 4k TVs

Nine reasons to buy a 4K TV

There is no better time than now to see what the fuss is all about! Here’s our round-up of reasons why now is the time to take the plunge.

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