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TV: Multi-Room TiVo®

Say Hello to Netflix® on Your TiVo® Box

With Grande, now you can easily find top TV shows, On Demand programs, Netflix original series, blockbuster movies and more directly on your TiVo box. No more multiple boxes, remote controls or cables. Netflix on TiVo lets you watch what you want, when you want, right on your Grande TiVo box.

  • All you need is Grande, TiVo service and a Netflix membership.
  • Access live TV, Grande On Demand and a rich selection of Netflix content — all from one single device — your Grande TiVo box.
  • TiVo’s best features — Intelligent Search, Suggestions, What to Watch Now — will list titles from live TV, On Demand and the Netflix library.
There's Always Something On — In Every Room!
Go beyond playing recorded programs. TiVo supercharges your TV with millions of choices from Grande On Demand, You Tube™, Amazon Videos, live TV and of course your recorded shows.
Say goodbye to channel surfing — Easily search, browse and discover your favorite shows in seconds. Or use TiVo Suggestions for a custom recommendation based on what you like.
Multi-Room TiVo HD/DVR brings the joy of TiVo to every TV and makes it easy to record shows and watch them anywhere in the home.
TiVo Stream lets you watch live TV or recorded shows on your mobile devices.
It's Way More Than Just TV On Your TV
Browse YouTube™ on your TV and enjoy the best online videos. Access Amazon Instant Video and easily download a great variety of television shows and movies.
View your favorite photos from your PC, Picasa or Photobucket on the biggest screen in your house.
Listen to online music with Pandora® Internet Radio or stream music from your computer to your home entertainment system.
Play a variety of free games such as Kaboom, Quizmaster, Rockswap and Blackjack.
Introducing the Opera TV Store on TiVo from Grande! Now the hottest new apps are easily accessible in one menu — all on your TV. They're built right into your TiVo, for free!
It's So Simple To Use
Award winning TiVo guide is easy to use and lets you effortlessly find a show to watch now or set up a recording for later.
TiVo App for iPad®, iPhone® and Android® lets you control your TiVo, search for shows or set up recordings while you continue to watch your programs.

With TiVo Stream you can watch live TV or recorded shows on your favorite mobile devices. Find out more!

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Services subject to availability and may not be available in all areas. Customer must be on the Grande Network for TiVo Stream to operate. Please contact Grande for details.

* Multi-Room TiVo and service subscription required and sold separately. TiVo Stream is sold separately and can be ordered for an additional fee. MoCA or Ethernet connection required. iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS5.1 or later required and sold separately. One Multi-Room TiVo is capable of streaming up to three shows at once. Two Multi-Room TiVo's required to stream four shows simultaneously. Ability to stream multiple shows is also dependent on factors including bit rate, resolution, screen size and available bandwidth. To watch "live TV" a recording must first be initiated and there may be a momentary delay. Not all programs may be transferred using TiVo Stream due to the use of copy protection mechanisms permitted under the FCC's encoding rules. Some shows cannot be transferred due to the copy protection assigned them by the program provider. These shows usually are marked with a red circle-slash icon (47 C.F.R. 76.1904). TiVo Stream devices sold/provide by Grande will only work with TiVo Premiere's that are also provided by Grande. They will not work on non-Grande TiVo Premiere's.

Internet access is required to access Netflix. Customer must have a Netflix-ready device. Netflix is only available on TiVo set-top boxes from Grande; Motorola and Scientific Atlanta/Cisco boxes from Grande cannot access Netflix. Netflix streaming membership required. If you do not have a Netflix membership, you will need to register and accept Netflix's terms and conditions of use. Existing Netflix customers who have compatible TiVo equipment from Grande can access the Netflix service from their TiVo box. Access to some interactive features may be limited by a third party. TiVo and the TiVo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries worldwide. All other names, logos, images and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2014 Grande Communications, LLC. Other restrictions may apply. All rights reserved.