TiVo Apps


TiVo Central

Access your recorded programs, interactive guide, settings and apps for Opera TV Store, Netflix, Grande On Demand and more, from one easy to navigate menu. You can always reach the TiVo Central screen by pressing the on your remote control.

My Shows

All the shows recorded by your TiVo, including podcasts, streaming and downloaded shows, appear on the streaming screen. Highlight any title in My Shows (even a show that’s still recording) and press PLAY to view the show from the beginning or to resume playing where you left off.

Apps & Games

Check out the Opera TV Store, where you’ll find tons of apps to explore and enjoy on your TiVo box. Popular apps like AccuWeather, Facebook, Opera for Twitter, Opera for Instagram and more are available with the Opera TV Store.

On Demand

Get what you want to watch when you want to watch it. Access Live TV, Grande On Demand, web videos and more. Just select Find TV, Movies & Grande On Demand from TiVo Central for available video options.

Easily order the events you don’t want to miss. To order PPV events, select the channel and then follow the on-screen instructions.


When you have more than one TiVo box on your home network, it’s easy to stream or transfer shows between them. Just go to your My Shows list, choose the DVR that has the show you want to watch, select the show and press PLAY!


TiVo Screens