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Residential Services

Enterprise: Voice Services

Local and long distance voice services continue to be the foundation of most business communication-from customer care and technical support to vendor management and sales. Reliable voice services are critical for ensuring that customers, employees, and suppliers can stay in touch.

Your business requires voice services that provide the flexibility and quality you deserve while still being affordable. This combination allows you to effectively serve your customers while planning for the future. Grande's core voice network is built on Nortel DMS 500 and soft switching network. As one of the first competitive local exchange carriers to establish our own network in Texas after the 1996 Telecom Deregulation Act, we have a proven track record serving the communication needs of residential, business, and carrier customers. Most importantly, we are committed to providing the best customer and technical service while providing innovative solutions for your telecom needs.

Traditional services
Keep it simple with a comprehensive suite of local and long distance voice services. Whether your business needs require a dedicated PRI or T-1 for local service with low flat-rate long distance or an integrated bundle of local, long distance and Internet, Grande has a service designed with your business in mind.

Voice over IP Services (VoIP)
Are you facing the convergence of voice and data in your communication network? VoIP can increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and simplify your network. The clear benefit of VoIP is the optimization of resources resulting from consolidating voice and data onto one network. To help your company realize these primary benefits and others, Grande has designed a VoIP service over a single Ethernet connection, allowing your enterprise to allocate bandwidth between voice and data connecting directly to your existing data router and PBX or Key Phone System. By integrating our VoIP network and optical backbone, you can be sure that your VoIP services will be reliable and secure.

Business Telephone Service
Flexible and efficient, Grande's Business Telephone Service products have the versatility to meet your telephony needs. Whether you have a small office with traditional telephone lines, a mid-sized office with lines feeding a key-phone system, or a large office with trunks into a PBX, we combine a wide selection of business phone features with the most effective method of delivery to offer you a competitive advantage.

  • Learn about Grande Telephone Number Service Types

    Single telephone number with optional features, such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Speed Dial, and more. These are common for small businesses, stand alone FAX, or Alarm lines.

    Multi-line Hunt Group
    Multiple single lines grouped together with a single telephone number enabling the support of multiple incoming calls to the same number. Outbound calls all report the same telephone number. These are common for key-phone or hybrid telephone systems.

    Direct inward and outward dialed telephone numbers passing through a customer owned PBX which translate the DID/DOD into an extension off of the PBX.

    Customized telephone numbers for incoming calls only. Telephone number is set for immediate fixed call forwarding to one or more "ring to" telephone numbers. These are common for service support, retail, and advertised numbers.

    Foreign Exchange
    Telephone numbers for in and out bound calling from a different town or city than the physical address of the customer.

  • Learn about Grande Calling Service Area Types

    Local Access
    Provides unmetered, unlimited two-way calling within a designated city limit or metropolitan area.

    Long Distance
    Metered, out bound calling beyond the Local Access area, either within the state of Texas (Intrastate), across the 48 contiguous United States and Canada (Interstate), or specific rates to Hawaii, Alaska and International.

    Toll Free
    The reverse of Long Distance with in bound calls to a designated Toll Free number. Forwarding to one or more "ring to" telephone numbers.

  • Learn about Grande Voice Product Types

    Resale Line
    Traditional single pair, loop start line provided by the incumbent Telephone Company on behalf of Grande. These augment other products offered and may have feature or setting's limitations.

    Business Line
    Traditional single pair, loop start line directly into an analog telephone or key-phone system.

    Enhanced Business Line
    Business line delivered over a data connection and converted into single pair, loop start line directly into an analog telephone or key-phone system.

    Enhanced Business Trunk
    Business trunk delivered over a data connection directly into PBX or IP-PBX system.

    Channelized T1
    Any combination of Business Lines or Trunks delivered over a T1 connection and converted into the desired line interface with a Channel Bank. Types of interfaces include Loop Start, Ground Start, or E&M.

    A Channelized T1 without a Channel Bank directly into a customer owned Digital Terminal Interface (DTI) card within a key-phone, PBX or computer/server.

    PRI T1
    A Primary Rate Interface (PRI) trunk group specifically for interconnection between a PBX or Hybrid PBX and Grande's telephone switch. Configuration includes 1D channel (#24) for overhead and multiple B channels for trunking.

    Originating Local Access T1
    A customized trunk T1 or PRI T1 with inbound only local telephone numbers for a city wide or selective statewide inbound local calling.

    Disaster Recovery
    The PRI Disaster Recovery and Overflow Reroute product allows a customer to redirect all DID and 800# traffic pointed towards a Grande trunk group/super group to a designated Ring-To-Number (RTN), which may or may not also reside with Grande. The customer controls the RTN via Call Forward Remote Access on a designated Grande provided telephone number that is set up as next in route for the trunk group/super group.