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Enterprise: Data Services

In this fast-paced digital economy, data networks are the backbone of business communications. Reliability, performance, and security are essential to the productivity of an enterprise. Service interruptions and bandwidth congestion lead to lost productivity and profitability. The demand for secure, reliable bandwidth continues to grow exponentially, driven by critical business systems, emerging applications, and consolidated voice and data solutions.

Grande meets these demands with a suite of service options that deliver premium networking power to the enterprise marketplace. Grande offers Internet access, multi-location metro networks, inter-city private data networks, and metro Ethernet via our extensive fiber network.

Internet Access
To maintain a competitive edge, it's essential to integrate the latest technologies. As your business migrates more services, applications, and processes online, the need for robust, always-available Internet access becomes essential. Grande brings your enterprise high-speed Internet access at an affordable price. Our all-digital network allows for speeds from 1.544 Mbps T-1 up to Gigabit over traditional access methods or Ethernet.

Multi-location Private Ethernet Networks
Many enterprises face challenges when deploying critical networking applications across multiple locations. Whether your business requires storage network access, disaster recovery backup, VoIP between company offices, or large file transfers, Grande has created Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) services that connect your corporate Local Area Networks (LANs). By leveraging the open Ethernet standards that IT managers trust, (i.e. Native Ethernet) you will be armed with an efficient and cost-effective solution that requires no new training or equipment. The traditional alternatives for connecting locations (DS-3s, ATM, or Frame Relay) are extremely limited in flexibility and cost. Our Metro Ethernet connection brings versatility that allows additional bandwidth to be provisioned quickly and transparently in one, five and ten megabit increments.

Metro Area Networks (GMAN)
Grande's citywide, all fiber, switched Ethernet network connects your Local and Wide Area Networks. Utilizing the latest in 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps optical Ethernet technologies, Grande's Metropolitan Area Network (GMAN) takes your data service to a whole new level of performance and reliability. With GMAN your data connections can take advantage of true "wired speeds". No more bonding of TDM circuits, fragmentation of transport packets, or fighting PPPOE. Combining the power of fiber optics, the simplicity of switching, and the cost efficiency of IP transport, this metro Ethernet network is ideally suited to delivering the full range of data services to your location. Whether it's the readily scalable Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), the simplicity of Layer 2 Transparent LAN Service (TLS), the ultra low latency for Voice over IP applications, or the highly reliable packet delivery for Video over IP, GMAN gives your business the competitive edge for an efficient, low price.

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    GMAN 100
    100 Mbps FX switched Ethernet connection, single link and route, offering efficient, scalable bandwidth options for DIA, TLS services and optional Enhanced Business Lines/Trunks for voice services. Customer data interfaces are RJ-45 10/100 BT, full or half duplex.

    GMAN 1000
    1 Gig Ethernet switched Ethernet connection, single or multiple links and/or routes, offering large quantities of scalable bandwidth options for DIA and TLS services. Customer data interface may be user defined with the default being RJ-45 10/100/1000 BT, full duplex, auto negotiate.


    Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
    Non-blocking, continuous symmetrical Layer 3 Internet Access via a unique /29 subnet connection network between Grande's CORE router and a customer owned router, firewall, or NAT device. Additional static IP addresses available upon request as a routed block to the connection block.

    Transparent LAN Service (TLS)
    Non-blocking, continuous symmetrical Layer 2 VLAN bridging between multiple GMAN or GDDC locations. TLS port accepts full 1500 byte MTU plus any optional customer controlled VLAN TAG, also known as Q-in-Q.

    Enhanced Business Lines (EBL)
    Business lines delivered over a data connection and converted into a single pair, loop start line directly into an analog telephone or key-phone system.

    Enhanced Business Trunks (EBT)
    Business trunks delivered over a data connection and inserted directly into customer Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or IP-PBX switch.

  • Discover the Advantages of Ethernet

    Advantages of Delivering Ethernet

    Ethernet has emerged as the leading technology to support IP traffic for packet optimization. No alternative provides the balance of high-performance, economics, manageability, and flexibility found in a packet networking solution. Today's transport SONET/SDH-based networks are incapable of handling those capacitates, and Layer 3-centric, distributed IP router approaches are too expensive to use only for transport and aggregation when routing is not necessary.

    Ethernet has emerged as the leading technology on which many next-generation networks will be based, for economic and scalable transport and delivery of fast-growing, high-bandwidth, IP-based applications. Expectations that Ethernet/IP traffic will overtake TDM traffic as the majority between 2008 and 2009. An IP router at an end-office is used primarily for aggregations, a function an Ethernet switch can perform more cost-effectively. Integrating fully featured Ethernet aggregations and switching in the metro transport system simplifies the IP/Ethernet service architecture, lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 30 to 9 percent compared to alternative metro solutions.

    Source: University of Michigan & Sprint